ZONZA Projects is a global Production Management tool. Content and process are managed through one centralised system. ZONZA Projects integrates production management with Digital Asset Management. Global brands can brief, adapt, approve, repurpose and utilise content globally. The platform therefore provides clients with the ability to manage the full lifecycle of marketing materials from creation through to use.


Projects Dashboard

ZONZA’s Projects Dashboard allows users to quickly identify the status of a project, including ‘In Production’, ‘Draft Brief’, ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Completed’. Users are able to filter by these production statuses, allowing them to quickly ascertain which projects have progressed and those that need attention. The right-hand side of the dashboard display Jobs requiring an individual user’s input, whilst the bottom part of this screen provides the user with an indication of forthcoming jobs.

From the Dashboard screen you can also create a new project and search existing projects via the search functionality.


Create a Project & Project Brief

By clicking on ‘Create a Project’ the user is prompted to complete a Project Form. The user is directed to complete a series of entry fields providing key project information. Users also have the option to upload briefing documents and provide information on languages, a project description, client information and other pertinent information ensuring all relevant detail is captured as part of the Project. By completing this form, the new project moves to ‘Draft Brief status’ and a project code is created.


 ZONZA Assets: Via the ZONZA assets tab, assets such as production masters stored within the ZONZA DAM can also be included in the job. This is an excellent way of managing adaptations to assets that may occur across different markets or territories.

Project Files: Additional files can also be attached to the job in the same way via the ‘Project Files’ tab, ensuring all resources can be accessed and leveraged through the individual job in ZONZA Projects.  

Jobs: With the estimate approved, users can now create the required production job. Metadata such as that relating to Publications can be automatically populated, in this case allowing print guidelines pertaining to the new job to be quickly and easily accessed. By choosing a workflow, Brand Managers can also customise the required production steps, appropriate approvers and due dates for their job- allowing for holistic and efficient project management.

Estimates: ZONZA allows you to upload estimates against a job, ensuring relevant documents relating to costings are incorporated as part of the production workflow.

People: Brand managers are able to add required users to an individual project, ensuring appropriate notifications relating to the project are thereafter shared with these users, keeping relevant individuals up to date across the production cycle.