The ‘Asset home’ is designed to be the login-landing page for all users. Content is dynamically updated depending on each users individual browsing history and preferences.


Zonza allows you to quickly upload files to the platform. Customisable metadata fields ensure your assets are captured with the most relevant information pertaining to that asset. Zonza’s accelerated file-upload technology ensures master files (with no effective file-upload limit) can be added to the system via the cloud.  



Via the Browse page Zonza allows you find the assets you require via metadata. Operating a folder-less system, Zonza can filter assets via a set of customisable Smart Filters, as well as by google-style search functionality. By toggling over an asset, users can quickly preview the content, and add the asset to a collection or mark it as a favourite at the touch of a button.

Asset Detail page – Zonza’s asset detail page acts as a one-stop shop for all actions associated with the management of that asset. Users can transcode the asset to almost any media format required, share the file to internal or external users, view and utilise supporting files associated with the asset and view a full activity log of the asset to ascertain exactly how and by whom the material has been used.


Collections allow you to put together groups of materials according to your requirements. Like the item detail page, a collection can also be shared at the click of a button with internal and external users whilst a full audit trail can also be viewed for the collection.


Pages are customisable areas of the site created and managed by clients and used to enrich content by linking marketing assets to other useful collateral. This could include (but isn't limited to) production toolkits, market research and product photography or ‘packshots’