From concept through to execution and refinement, ZONZA provides one platform for managing the entire Production Management process. This empowers brands to manage agencies, track SLA’s and maintain visibility over the status of all projects and jobs, both current and historical. The ZONZA platform allows brands to manage all global production across all clients.  No more disparate systems or silos of data, ZONZA allows brands to truly take advantage of global scale and efficiencies.  


ZONZA's interface is suitable for users regardless of technical ability and requires very minimal training to navigate and gain familiarity. This makes the platform adept at fulfilling the role of a cloud-based repository suitable for all users across agencies and partners.

Filters (which are customisable to individual clients) allow users to quickly filter down to assets most relevant to a search, whilst ‘Asset Home’ and ‘Pages’ allow global marketers and content creators to showcase their work through a highly customisable landing page for their content. This part of the platform provides marketers with tools to present content in a more engaging, intuitive and efficient way.



With a range of users across both internal and external departments of an organisation, it is inevitable that these users will have significant variations in roles, requiring appropriate access rights to different materials. For example, different agencies may work with one particular brand, but have no association with another brand.

From the perspective of an asset’s lifecycle, an embargo on an asset’s release may make it only appropriate for a select number of users to see or access that resource. Any asset is also likely to have a valid-period of use before it’s expiry and with so many assets in a global system it becomes almost impossible to monitor usage rights without an automated alert system. 

ZONZA is able to quickly and easily configure users access rights and permissions, allowing different users to interact with assets in a variety of different ways. Furthermore the system automatically alerts appropriate users when the rights of an asset are about to expire and also places a watermark over an asset when usage rights have expired. This helps to make the platform applicable to all required parties without limiting business processes and requirements.


ZONZA has no effective limit on the file-size that can be uploaded and downloaded and supports the vast majority of media formats. This means that all of a corporation's master assets can reside in one global system that can be utilised by all required users on any internet-enabled device.

This makes assets far more accessible and increases the propensity for asset reuse, global collaboration and improved brand consistency. In conjunction with ZONZA’s production management technology, businesses can manage the lifecycle of marketing content, from creation to distribution.


ZONZA enables you to upload assets of any file-size and practically all low or high resolution file-formats, including 4K video. Through ZONZA users can also store all rough cuts, splits and audio files as well as master assets in one centralised location. ZONZA also provides the ability to create high-quality stills from videos and assets can quickly be located by scrubbing over an asset thumbnail to preview the content.