Better Brand Control:

By centralising all assets (including master files) users can immediately access all global materials via ZONZA.


Quick and easy search:

ZONZA is noted for its simple, powerful metadata search functionality allowing users to quickly find content using word and partial-word searches, enhanced with boolean operators. Browsing is made simple using Filters, to quickly and easily navigate through thousands of assets by category.


Quick and easy upload of assets:

ZONZA has accelerated file-upload technology built into the platform and metadata associated with an asset can be quickly added in customisable fields.



Safety and Security:

ZONZA is a highly secure platform with all assets protected by the same Encryption technology used in the banking industry. 


Correct usage of digital media assets:

ZONZA identifies when usage rights of an asset have expired and notifies appropriate parties when usage rights are due for renewal



ZONZA users can collaborate on projects. Via ZONZA’s audit trail users can also see who has accessed or used assets globally, facilitating collaboration between global teams who may be working on similar campaigns or have similar requirements. ZONZA’s ‘Collections’ also allow users to share and receive groups of assets via the same platform. 


Facilitate Quick Approval:

This can easily be achieved through ZONZA Projects, which tracks, updates and alerts on required approvals


Efficient Project Management:

ZONZA Projects can help manage the steps, tasks and workflow required in completing a project. Users are only shown the elements appropriate to their function, with Projects supporting six distinct roles (Admin, Account Manager, Brand Manager, Production Manager, Production Resource, Reviewer)


Set and Manage Briefs

ZONZA Projects allows users to quickly create online briefs and customize the approval structure associated with that brief.


Simple Sharing:

Assets can be easily shared via ZONZA from the Share tab and records of all shares are kept within ZONZA’s audit trail


Quickly access the desired format and version of an asset:

ZONZA has a powerful built-in transcoding platform and can quickly and easily output an asset to the required media format. All transcodes are thereafter saved within ZONZA.


Easy access to resources-

Via the ‘Asset Home’ screen, users can quickly access reference files pertinent to a particular campaign or brand, including brand guidelines. Supporting files can also easily be associated with an asset, ensuring easy location of all media resources.