ZONZA 3.7 Release


‘My ZONZA’, the latest addition to the ZONZA platform was unveiled at Henry Stewart’s ‘DAM LA 2014’ tradeshow this month.

The ‘My ZONZA’ feature is a tool designed to allow global marketers and content creators to showcase their work through a beautiful and highly customizable interface. The portal provides marketers with a new means to help them present content in a more engaging, intuitive and efficient way.




Core benefits of ‘My ZONZA’ include:

  • Allowing brands to showcase marketing excellence and best practices
  • Promote asset re-use
  • Save time by making assets more accessible
  • Improved navigation and usability, allowing users to quickly link through to assets they have recently accessed, added as a favorite or uploaded 
  • Create brand consistency across regions and territories through the use of ZONZA 

My ZONZA is comprised of two distinct areas; ‘Asset home’ page and ‘Category pages’:

  1. The ‘Asset home’ is designed to be the login-landing page for all users. Content is dynamically updated depending on each users individual browsing history and preferences
  2. ‘Category pages’ are single pages created and managed by clients and used to enrich content by linking marketing assets to other useful collateral e.g. production toolkits, market research and product photography/ ‘packshots’

Speaking of the release of ‘My ZONZA’, Greg Smith (ZONZA COO) said "The highly configurable nature of ‘My ZONZA’ lends itself perfectly to marketers and content creation teams who may work across a multitude of brands, campaigns or assets. In this regard ‘My ZONZA’ is a fantastic enabling tool, allowing users to connect and collaborate with unprecedented ease and all via one global platform- ZONZA".   

For more information on ‘My ZONZA’ or to see a demo of this feature or the full ZONZA platform, please contact info@zonza.com



‘Proof of Delivery’ provides ZONZA users enabled with the ‘Distribute’ feature to ascertain the status of an asset delivered via the ZONZA platform. It is now possible to download proof-of-delivery reports as a PDF or CSV via the order listings page in ZONZA. This provides a handy reference point for POD enquiries. 



ZONZA is used by some clients to distribute digital media such as spots and adverts to global advertising and media organisations. As such, orders can also be placed for users seeking particular digital media. ZONZA’s listing page for orders now shows a key of possible statuses, including Draft, Submitted, Delivered and Failed (as below). This helps provide quick and easy information pertinent to the status of an order.



Not all commercials are for one brand. Sometimes, two spots are combined into one and this is referred to as ‘piggybacking’. ZONZA now allows one or more brands to be stored against a spot and an order, enabling more accurate reporting.